B-L Middle School Students Participate in Reality Town Event

8th grade students at Batesburg-Leesville Middle School learned what it meant to have a career, salary, spouse (or lack thereof), children and the financial obligations of a 30-year-old adult today as part of the school's "Reality Town" curriculum.

Students began their journey into "Reality Town" a few weeks ago during Panther Period and today, they were able to participate in a two-hour simulation that took place in the school gym. Using their "Reality Town" student handbook, personalized pay stub, and a pen, students had to make financial decisions for their "Reality Town" family. This included juggling housing, transportation, groceries, childcare, clothing, insurance, etc.

This unique program has proved to be an eye-opening experience for our students as they begin learning many financial and life concepts such as:

--Budgeting and accounting for spending
--Payroll withholdings for taxes, FICA and Medicare
--Principles of debt and savings and the impact of interest
--Goal setting, education planning and career planning
--Plus MUCH more!

To read more about "Reality Town," click here: https://realitytown.com/.