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English I Summer Reading Requirements


To Kill a Mockingbird

by: Harper Lee

Overview of Assignment

Students will be required to read the assigned book for a summer reading assignment. This reading is designed to keep students engaged in active reading skills so they will be better prepared entering the 8th grade. This reading is a mandatory assignment that will conclude with a test on the first day of school.

Part 1

As you read the novel, you will be required to answer journal questions that will allow critical thinking  and application on the reading. The journal questions will be completed on notebook paper and placed in a three prong folder. Journals will be in order of the novel. The journals will also be submitted on the first day of school for a grade. They will also serve as the notes for our first mini unit on annotations.


Part 2

You will have an option of WICOR strategies to complete allowing you to demonstrate your overall understanding of the novel.


Part 3

You will take a final test on the first day of school. This test will measure their comprehensive knowledge of the reading along with connections made to the overall theme of the novel.


**Note: for any work not completed over the summer, students will be placed in Academic Lunch until the work has been completed and turned in. They will also have points taken off their grade as all work will be considered late. All students will be taking the novel test on the first day of school, no exceptions**