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A new in-school supply room known as The Panther Pantry has been set up at B-L Middle School for students in need.  The program is in its infancy stage and is seeking donations from community members, churches and local organizations.

New Panther Pantry At B-L Middle School Aims To Help Students In Need

It’s a known fact that the middle school years are some of the toughest as students transition from children to young adults.  These teenage years can be made even harder for less fortunate students who may not have access to everyday items such as clean clothing, hygiene products and shoes.  That’s why B-L Middle School teacher Tristin Padgett came up with the idea of The Panther Pantry--an in-school supply room where students can discreetly shop for everyday items they may need and otherwise, not be able to afford.

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All individuals are unique and have value.
Learning is the ability to think critically and creatively.
Instruction should relate to real-life experiences and should provide for different learning styles and abilities.
A qualified and effective staff is essential in establishing academic excellence.
Parents, educators, students, and community members must be active partners in a successful educational process.
The educational and social atmosphere should promote support for and appreciation of all students.
A safe, caring, respectful, and disciplined environment is necessary for learning.